Orange UK is a mobile communication company in the United Kingdom. It has operated since April 1994. The company was launched by Hutchison Telecom and purchased by France Télécom in 2000. Orange expands all over the world and operates in very distant countries, such as China and Israel. The brand is very powerful as the company serves over 175 million customers worldwide. It is the largest provider of internet services and the third largest mobile operator in Europe.

In 2009, two companies, namely Orange and T-Mobile, decided to merge their operations in the United Kingdom. As a result, they created the biggest mobile operator which controls 37% of the market. The two brands will continue to exist, however their customers will benefit from the merger as now they can get better network coverage.

The Orange's offer includes, among others, a pay as you go plan. It is a prepaid plan which gives its users a possibility to top up their PAYG SIM cards in a number of ways, for example over the Internet or by credit or debit cards. The other mobile phone service is a pay monthly service with contracts on 1, 18, 24 or 36 months. Customers are given a set of minutes, text messages and sometimes other services to use.

Orange is a retail estate with more than 300 stores called "The Orange Shop". Its products can be bought also online. Now Orange offers various packages aimed at different lifestyles of its customers. The company gave the packages the names of animals: Dolphin, Canary, Raccoon, Panther and others. Additionally, there is a number of business plans in Orange's offer and unlimited free calls to other Orange UK numbers. Orange's main slogan is "I am", shortened from "I am who I am because of everyone".