T-Mobile is owned by a German provider and operates in several countries in Europe and in the United States. T-Mobile has approximately 150 million subscribers around the world, which makes it the world's seventh largest provider of phone services. T-Mobile is one of the biggest mobile network operators in the United Kingdom. The company was launched as Mercury One 2 One in 1993, however the name T-Mobile has been present since 2002 after Deutsche Telekom bought it.

Recently, T-Mobile UK has merged with Orange and together they have created a new mobile operator - Everything Everywhere. Thanks to this joint venture the network coverage was expanded and the quality of service improved. However, the two brands still have separate shops, service centres and advertising campaigns.

T-Mobile's offer includes two types of service. The first one is pay as you go deal, which means the customers are given a PAYG SIM card which they top up. They are offered also special rewards, for example free unlimited calls to T-Mobile users or free unlimited texts to UK mobiles. The second type is pay monthly contract which is a bit flexible as customers can change some elements of the contract each month. There are separate packages for individual and business clients. Apart from phone service, T-Mobile offers also Wi-Fi hotspots.