Vodafone is the largest global telecommunications company in the world as far as company profits are concerned. It has about 332 million subscribers all over the world and supplies services in more than 30 countries. It is also a partner of other networks in over 40 countries. Vodafone Group is a British company founded in 1984. It was the first company that enabled international roaming calls in 1991.

In order to become a Vodafone user, one can either buy a new phone or connect to the Vodafone network. In the latter case all that is required is the purchase of a SIM pack. Vodafone allows its customers to keep their existing numbers, which is very convenient. The company offers two phone packages: pay monthly and pay as you go price plans. Customers who choose the first offer pay regularly every month. Those who choose the latter option get PAYG SIM cards and do not have to sign up for a long term plan.

The network's coverage in the UK is of a very high quality, both for calls and mobile broadband. Thanks to its excellent coverage, Vodafone has been chosen by many emergency services in the United Kingdom as their network provider.

Within the products promoted by Vodafone Group there are, among others, Vodafone live!, Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Modem, Vodafone Connect to Friends and Vodafone at Home.